SOENAS Training brings together the years of collective experience of our team members to your desktop. Whether you are a newcomer to the aviation industry seeking to understand how it all works, or you are an organization looking to train your employees in a particular subject, SOENAS Training is ready to meet your educational needs.

Our new Business unit is a result of opening our internal training seminars to the public, with a vision to teach Aviation specific courses through high quality, easy to follow classes, hosted on our new E- Learning platform.
SOENAS Training Courses are 100% online and once enrolled you will be able to access our content whenever is most convenient for you, and work in your own time.
Course classes are prepared and validated by our aviation consultants, who have extensive experience in the commercial aircraft maintenance industry.
On our platform you can use the forum you can directly connect with other fellow students and our course instructors, whether  to discuss topics seen in class or to ask any questions you may have regarding a specific subject.


Introduction to the Aircraft Maintenance Industry

In this course we introduce you to the Aircraft maintenance industry. We start by looking at the regulatory environment, including the most prominent organizations and authorities, and the different standards, manuals and documents that come into play. Then, we take a close look at how they all interact when it comes to the operation and maintenance of a commercial aircraft. To finish, we give you a brief introduction to the aircraft leasing industry.